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Chic Buenos Aires Reversible Goatskin Vest
  • Chic Buenos Aires Reversible Goatskin Vest

    295,00 € Standardpreis
    200,00 €Sale-Preis

    Long reversible goat vest. You can wear it both sides, the fur side or the leather suede side. Excellent quality production.

    This luxury under knee-length  goatskin reversible gilet  ensures absolute warmth but is lightweight enough to move through day to day tasks, the Chic Buenos Aires is beautifully designed and handcrafted. Finished in a beautiful hand buffed velvety finish to give a soft indulgent suede feel. This a reversible gilet, allows for the option of the luxury sheepskin wool to be on the outside. 

    We take pride in our range of high quality goatskin coats selecting only a high quality end product. All our coats carefully handcrafted and stitched to ensure a piece that will last you over many seasons. 

    Artikelnummer: 008
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