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Aconcagua Lynx Vest
  • Aconcagua Lynx Vest

    230,00 € Standardpreis
    200,00 €Sale-Preis

    Fur Gilet - Lynx Fur with V collar. Made with premium quality lynx fur that features full, dense underfur and soft, sleek guard hairs, for silky drama. Today's modern update on the traditional fur coat is the fun fur gilet. Lightweight and not bulky, the exceptional design includes a leather strap closure. Create a head-turning bold look, making it easy for you to update any top in your closet into a new, fresh ensemble. An instantly chic fur accessory!

    At Laura Müller we now offer tailor made fur coats, jackets & vests! With over 10 years of experience, we have the detailed know how to create truly stunning and unique pieces. Our skilled master furriers will work with you to create custom collars, add closures such as; zippers, snaps or hook and eyes. You can create custom sizes, lengths and even specialty fur types. Full attention and care is given to each garment to ensure satisfaction with every order!

    • Testimonial Section

      10 Nov 2017 Victoria, Vienna. Thanks a lot.
      Once again (this is my 4th purchase at your internet shop) I like it very much, so does my husband. He said, it has incredibly nice color, and it looks great on me. And what is more important, it fits me well. As if it has been made on my measures!

      03 December 2023 DJValerystar, London. I will brag now!... My brand new beauty.... my happiness has no limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thanks to Laura Müller fur lab. Now I am ready for winter❄️❄️❄️ I recommend to everyone!!! Here they have lots of nice things!!!

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